About Us

A family unit dedicated to the success of this treasured pub


Since 2011, The Lamb has been in the hands of the our family, The Newbons, led by myself, Martin, and my Father, Lee, with the help and support from my brothers Andy and Robin. When my Dad’s retirement coincided with my qualification as a chef, we saw this as a green light to put our passion for quality food to good use, and bit the bullet to buy The Lamb. I was dedicated to the restaurant trade, and my Dad had always had a yearning to run a pub in West Sussex, having entertained in London for many years, so our ‘have-a-go’ attitude was deployed for this new chapter for our family, and for the village.

Meet The Team

Liam Reilly

General Manager

The Newbon Family


Richard Cook

Executive Chef

The History of The Lamb

with thanks to local historian Neil Rogers-Davis.

The building we know and love today dates back to 1780, and is Grade 2 listed. At this point, it was no bigger than a Georgian dwelling, including a bar and no more than a couple of rooms to let. Quite different from the size it is today! Large adjustments were made in the 1800’s, when clubrooms were built and used by the village for social occasions, meetings, and as a working men’s club.

By the turn of the 19th century, images show that the building looked pretty much as it does today from the front, though it’s interior went through major changes in the 1930’s, which included the insertion of more bedrooms.

Relatively minor changes were all that followed between 1930’s and 2011, when The Lamb was closed and put up for sale by its then owners, Punch Taverns. The empty building, boarded up windows, and a pretty long list of repairs served as a reminder to villagers that they faced losing their local, until the Newbons fell in love with The Lamb, and decided to take a chance.

If the history of The Lamb interests you, please do pick up one of our free history booklets available at the bar or within our guest rooms.

Present Day

When we took on The Lamb, the building had been closed for a number of months, and was looking a little sorry for itself. Our family were the first private owners for 125 years, so we set about implementing the first phase of a refurbishment and expansion programme. In April 2012  we opened the doors once more, fully prepared to provide the best service, food and drink that was possible. However, what we hadn't bargained on was the extent of the generosity and support shown by the people of the village, and we were blown away by the success we achieved in our first year.

Now, in 2020, we have utilised every square foot of space available to us in renovations that have spanned the last 6 years, including increasing the number of bedrooms to eight, the addition of a beautiful garden terrace, and by adding on an orangery. With the invaluable help of General Manager Liam, Executive Chef Norbie, and the skilled team they head up, myself and my family are so proud to continue to improve this historic establishment. To serve the village and beyond with fine food, local ales and wines, and the warmest of welcomes is a privilege, and we sincerely hope we see you at The Lamb very soon.