A steady transformation into the family-run village hub that stands today

The rich history our beloved building is steeped in is something we’re very proud of, and it’s an endless point of fascination not only for us as owners, but for a lot of people who come and visit us too. We’re certain that plenty of characters have passed through our doors over the past 230 years, and that the pub has seen its fair share of ever-changing village life. We’re thrilled that it’s still the place to head for in Angmering, and we’re indebted to village historian Neil Rogers-Davis, who has helped us uncover the history of The Lamb, and provided us with unparalleled insight into what life has been like for this treasured pub.

How it all began...

The building we know and love today dates back to 1780, and is Grade 2 listed. At this point, it was no bigger than a Georgian dwelling, including a bar and no more than a couple of rooms to let. Quite different from the size it is today! Large adjustments were made in the 1800’s, when clubrooms were built and used by the village for social occasions, meetings, and as a working men’s club.

By the turn of the 19th century, images show that the building looked pretty much as it does today from the front, though it’s interior went through major changes in the 1930’s, which included the insertion of more bedrooms.

The Inn south side from the Square, circa 1910

1930's - Now

Relatively minor changes were all that followed between 1930’s and 2011, when The Lamb was closed and put up for sale by its then owners, Punch Taverns. The empty building, boarded up windows, and a pretty long list of repairs served as a reminder to villagers that they faced losing their local, until the Newbons fell in love with The Lamb, and decided to take a chance.

Now, The Lamb is a much loved part of the Angmering community once again, as well a destination for food fans, lovers of quality beer and wine, and travellers looking for somewhere beautiful to stay.

The Lamb at Angmering today

Want to find out more?

A booklet detailing the extensive history of The Lamb is available to pick up for free from the pub. Trust us, it's a fascinating read!